Children’s Health Home

children's health home

The New York State Department of Health (DOH) has implemented a new Medicaid program called Children’s Health Homes, which is a care management program that will ensure the coordination of your child’s physical and behavioral health care needs. By enrolling in a health home, children can receive access to critical services that best meet their needs and support their wellbeing.

Who is Eligible?

Any child between the ages of 0-21 receiving Medicaid benefits that has a diagnosis of a Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED), or has been identified as having Complex Trauma, or is HIV+, or has two or more chronic medical conditions (such as substance use, asthma, diabetes or obesity) and meets the level of functioning that puts him/her at risk for a higher level of care is considered eligible for a Children’s Health Home. The Jewish Board is dedicated to providing individualized services that meet the needs of all the children and families we work with. Once you join the Care Management Program, we will pair you with a dedicated care coordinator who will help coordinate all the necessary physical, behavioral, and social support services for your child. Additionally, we will provide help with scheduling and managing appointments and, if necessary, we will help your family access new services. Care management is completely free! For those children who qualify for the program, Medicaid covers the cost of care management.


  • Appointment Scheduling and Management—Your family’s care manager can help schedule and manage appointments to ensure that your child receives the services he or she needs.
  • Personalized Plans—Your care manager will take the time to listen to your family’s needs, and create a care plan that meets your goals and expectations for your child.
  • Family Support—Your care manager can provide you and your family with ongoing support and help you follow your treatment team and provider’s recommendations. All communications with your family will be done in a way that you can understand.
  • Access to New Services—The Jewish Board has access to a broad range of providers and services that could benefit your child and family.
  • Individualized Guidance—Provide health tips or strategies to help manage medical problems like diabetes or asthma.

Learn More about Children’s Health Home

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