Children/Teen Residential

children and teen residential

All children and adolescents deserve a safe environment in which to successfully grow into adulthood. The Jewish Board offers supportive and nurturing residential programs geared to make this possible.

Our children and teen residential programs provide a protective place for those who are emotionally troubled, developmentally disabled, severely autistic, or living with a history of sexual abuse, among other issues.

Residential Programs

Community Residences

  • Family-like environments for adolescents, ages 8-18 transitioning back into communities.
  • Rehabilitative programs for emotionally traumatized children ages 6-14.
  • Referrals made through SPOA

Children’s Residential Services

  • Short-term residential diagnostic center providing assessment, treatment and aftercare planning for 11-15 year olds.
  • Residential Treatment Center for boys, ages 8-18, and girls, ages 13-18 who have a wide range of emotional challenges
  • A Group Residence for males, ages 17-21 that provides independent living skills as well as therapeutic and support services.
  • Referrals through local NY department of Social Services

A lot of times, young people have experienced abuse or neglect. When children experience trauma, it’s hard to trust adults because the trust has been violated. We have to reestablish that there are adults who are good in the world and that they can trust.