The 100 Schools Project

100 schools project

100 Schools, One Mission: Helping students get the mental health and substance abuse support they need.

Half of all mental health and substance use conditions start before age 14. In fact, 28% of students report sadness and 8% report attempting suicide. Yet, while a significant proportion of teens are affected by mental health challenges, less than one out of five of those who need specialist mental health services get them.

In consultation with the New York City Department of Education and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, The 100 Schools Project works to make sure New York City’s teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators are better prepared to identify students who are grappling with issues like depression or addiction, so they can get the help they need—and teachers can focus on their classrooms.

This five-year initiative in 100 middle and high schools in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens was launched in the Fall of 2016.

Our Goals

We aim to address mental health problems in students before they turn into full-blown crises.

  • Increase academic successes, reduce dropout levels, reduce truancy, and reduce teacher turnover
  • Increase mental health literacy in both staff and students, to develop the necessary skills to reduce risky behaviors, and to better utilize behavioral health services in the community
  • Trainings for teachers and students on understanding mental health and substance use and prevention strategies
  • Provide professional development, support, and self-care for teachers
  • Coach and support school staff on effective crisis responses and de-escalation techniques
  • Assist school staff in early identification of behavioral health issues and help school staff with referrals and community linkages
  • Develop a sustainable plan to ensure continuation of project gains by integrating into school systems
  • Reduce calls to 911

How school staff get involved

School staff are in a unique position to respond to students’ behavioral health needs because students spend a large portion of their day in schools. And school staff are often the first people to recognize changes in a student’s behavior. The 100 Schools Project can give you support. We can train you to identify the early signs of mental illness and/or risky harmful substance use/abuse, and to promote wellness and prevention.

The 100 Schools Project gives school staff support. We can train staff to identify the early signs of mental illness and/or risky harmful substance use/abuse, and to promote wellness and prevention.

Our Partners

The 100 Schools Project is a joint initiative of The Jewish Board in conjunction with four NYC-based Performing Provider Systems:

Our borough partners are:

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