The Spring Benefit

Learn more about the 2020 Virtual Spring Benefit, honoring Walter L. Harris with the The Schiff Community Impact Award, David Rivel, our CEO who will be retiring, and young leaders Emily Levine, Sam Levine, Jack Lipschultz, and Rachel Solomon.

The Jewish Board Spring Benefit helps celebrate our agency’s past and present by bringing together honorees in recognition of the extraordinary work they do to help support New Yorkers in need.

Where Does the Money Raised Go?

Money raised by The Jewish Board’s Spring Benefit helps The Jewish Board to deliver programs that communities from as far north as Westchester County to as far south as Staten Island have come to depend upon.

These programs include community mental health clinics, treatment programs for at-risk youth, training for mental health professionals, residential treatment centers for adults with mental illness and the developmentally disabled, therapy in group and individual sessions for single parents and anyone struggling with grief following the loss of a loved one. These are just a few of the many programs that require support.

For more information, contact Hope Larson at or 212.632.4712