Boro Park Counseling Center

We’re Here to Give Back to You

Everybody needs some help at one time or another. Relationships, family, colleagues, and neighbors all have their challenges. Anxiety, depression, loneliness, abuse, and addiction are issues many people struggling with, including the Jewish Orthodox community. You are not alone in the journey to better coping skills and a healthier life.

The Boro Park Counseling Center is New York’s first and most advanced Orthodox mental health center, providing counseling to children and adults struggling with a range of emotional and social difficulties including eating disorders, loss and bereavement, and trauma around (but not limited to) family violence and sexual abuse.

Our highly skilled frum clinicians work with Daas Torah, providing specialized services that include evaluation and assessment, time limited, time sensitive, and ongoing counseling for individuals, couples, family and groups as well as psychiatric services and medication management.

No one delivers better, more comprehensive, and more holistic treatment programs for men, women, and children. Take care of your family and yourself. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

Orthodox therapists provide treatment in English, Hebrew, Russian, Dutch and Yiddish.