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Combating Mental Health Issues in Public Schools


Yuster shared an incident involving a 15-year-old who was triggered after her classmate threw food at her in the middle of the lunch room. She said administrators called police even though they knew the student had mental health challenges,“School safety agents and police ended up restraining her, hand cuffing her in a violent manner, and […]

When Being in Crowded Places Feels Scarier Than Ever

| The Cut

Fear of crowds is known as ochlophobia, a term that’s historically been more associated with a form of social anxiety, or “the perceived presence of either too many people or intrusions into one’s personal space,” as described by Chalsa Loo in The Psychological Study of Crowding. The way we fear crowds and public places today […]

Staring Down Homelessness With Dignity and Pluck

| New York Times

A few months later, one of her cousins learned of the Homelessness Prevention Program at Dorot, a social services agency. In April 2016, Ms. Marcus moved into a temporary residence in Manhattan for older adults facing homelessness. In February, the agency placed her in permanent housing at an assisted-living center in Far Rockaway, not far […]

City Hospital System Is Expanding Children’s Mental Health Programs

| New York Times

The programs look beyond the exam room, too. The 100 Schools Project, which started in 43 of the city’s highest-need schools over the past year and will kick off in 58 more this fall, places substance abuse or mental health providers in classrooms so they can observe students’ interactions and offer school staff members tips […]

Mental Health Care for Children in Need

| Daily News

Amanda, a 4-year-old girl, sits on the floor in front of a dollhouse in a therapist’s office. But she won’t start playing until the lights are switched off and she’s protected by the cover of darkness. Then, instead of playing make-believe like other children her age, Amanda forces her dolls to hit each other, and […]

Brownsville Mental Health Clinic for Young Kids a First for Neighborhood

| NY1 News

Leaders say the center is meant to offset the effects of what they say is extreme poverty on children in the neighborhood. “Our youngest students don’t need more punishment. They need more tools to help them manage their emotions and make good choices…It is easier to build a healthy child than to mend a broken […]

A Love Lost, and a Life to Be Regained

| New York Times

Financial trouble, which had been a problem for years, increased after his death. Though she is in the country legally, Ms. Kastsiuk does not have a green card, something she is pursuing now. She received a one-time payment of $255 from Social Security after her husband’s death. Without his income, she is looking for a […]

Holiday Bereavement Services: Comfort for Tough Times

| ThirdAGE

The Jewish faith deals with death and remembrance with organized rituals such as reciting a prayer known as the Kaddish (recited throughout the 11 or 12 months following a close relative’s passing, and on the yearly death anniversary known as the “yahrzeit”) and also as part of certain holiday liturgies (Yom Kippur, Passover, and a […]

The Jewish Board Takes Top Honors at the 10th Annual NYCT Nonprofit Excellence Awards

| NYN Media

The Jewish Board claimed the Gold Prize, Neighbors Link of Northern Westchester received the Silver and Per Scholas took home the Bronze at the 10th annual New York Community Trust Nonprofit Excellence Awards held Friday, Dec. 2 at the New York Academy of Medicine. The awards are designed to highlight best practices for management excellence […]

NYC Volunteers to Know: Men and Teen Boys Giving Back to Our City


NYC’s rich soup of entertainment and eating options “goes for volunteering as well: There are activities to pique anyone’s interest,” observed AJ Reisman, 29, who was a “Big Brother” to a boy through the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services for five years until the boy and his mom left the city last year. […]

Racing Toward a Better Future

| New York Times

Nashali, 11, is the oldest and loves to dance. Analie, who is 7 and a big fan of the movie “Frozen,” has a learning disability that she has been working to overcome with speech and occupational therapy. Six-year-old Michael was found to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (A.D.H.D.) three years ago. And then there is […]

These Jewish Teens Are Doing Stand-Up for the Best Cause

| Kveller

Let’s face it: Even as an adult, it can be hard to discuss mental health, feelings, and differences. But do you know what’s even harder? Discussing these things when you’re a teenager. Oh, and even harder than that? Getting up in front of an audience to do it. And making it funny. Visit Kveller for […]

After a Shooting Death, How to Protect the Mentally Ill — and the Police


Mental Health advocates and clinicians say they know that police are being asked to handle situations that should be handled by a broken mental health system. And some are experimenting with ways to protect everyone involved from being harmed. One strategy is to have patients fill out documents, similar to do-not-resuscitate-orders, that describe how they […]

A New Program Will Give 100 New York City Schools Extra Mental Health Training

| Chalkbeat

The conversation about infusing New York City schools with mental health services often centers around “community school” programs that pour extra funding into low-performing schools and provide social workers or health clinics. But what about schools that aren’t in those programs, yet could still benefit from access to mental health resources? The Jewish Board of […]

Podcast: After the fall of FEGS, The Jewish Board steps in

| City & State New York

Alice Tisch joined the board of trustees of The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services in 2003 and became president in January 2015, just weeks before the organization decided to absorb about $75 million of programming and an additional 9,000 clients from FEGS. Tisch and the board’s vice president, Jenny Lyss, joined us in […]

NYN Media At the Board Table Podcast with The Jewish Board

| NYN Media

“When an organization that builds things goes bankrupt, you learn to live without those things. What do you do when an organization that helps people goes bankrupt?” Alice Tisch and Jenny Lyss, our board president and vice president, sat down with New York Nonprofit Media to discuss why The Jewish Board stepped in to help […]

NYC Religious Groups Increase Focus on Mental Health Treatment

| amNewYork

The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services serves people of all religious, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, but their program Jewish Community Services is specifically for the city’s Jewish population. Director of Jewish Community Services Jonathan Katz said a religious approach supplements secular methodologies in mental health services. Their program integrates essential mental health and […]

Changing Thousands of Lives

| Forward

“It’s all about three words—Hope, Recovery and Resiience,” said Jewish Board’s CEO David Rivel of the agency which was founded 140 years ago. “While we work for 43,000 clients, we change lives one-at-a-time… Whether you are a child or an adult, whether you are Jewish or not Jewish…whether you struggle with mental health challenges or…whether […]

New Report Highlights Nonprofit Risk Management in Post-FEGS Climate

| New York Nonprofit Media

After just a few weeks, another report has come along to pick up where HSC left off. “Risk Management for Nonprofits” – the result of a partnership between SeaChange Capital Partners, a merchant bank that focuses on the nonprofit sector, and Oliver Wyman, a global management consulting firm – acknowledges the same environment that HSC […]

Nonprofits Picked to Participate in Chirlane McCray’s Mental-Health Initiative

| Crain's New York

Fourteen city nonprofits were selected to help carry out first lady Chirlane McCray’s $850 million mental-health plan. One of its initiatives is a $30 million public-private partnership, called Connections to Care, which pairs social-services agencies with mental-health providers to reach low-income New Yorkers who may be reluctant to reach out for help. Mental-health experts will […]