New York City’s Largest Provider of Health and Human Services Partners with Health IT Leader to Improve Client Outcomes

Overland Park, Kan., Feb. 16, 2016 – The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, which provides mental and behavioral health services to 43,000 clients in New York City, will use a host of Netsmart technology solutions, including CareRecord™ electronic health record (EHRs), to achieve financial and clinical efficiencies and improve care.

“We are confident in choosing Netsmart as our strategic partner as we continue to enhance The Jewish Board’s excellence in providing health and human services, which is more critical than ever since we are now New York State’s largest provider of these services,” said Uday Madasu, chief information officer of The Jewish Board. “Clinical and operational digitization, including everything from medication management to analytics, will help us optimize the delivery of our broad range of health and human services across many programs. With our staff working together on a common system, we will be able to integrate and enhance services to provide a better experience for our clients.”

Technology solutions from Netsmart will enable The Jewish Board staff to more effectively:

  • Securely exchange patient data between primary care, mental health, behavioral health and substance use treatment providers
  • E-prescribe and collaborate between clinicians, support teams, pharmacies and other external providers
  • Measure and analyze clinical outcomes
  • Empower employees to invest in learning via a learning management system
  • Improve revenue cycle management

Innovating Together

In addition, as a solution site, The Jewish Board will partner with Netsmart to demonstrate improved outcomes for clients, collaborate on ways to optimize existing Netsmart solutions, and pool resources to produce new and innovative technologies.
“We both are in a much better position to navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape when we work together. Netsmart offers the scale and scope, wide range of solutions and collective insight of our many clients across the country, while The Jewish Board offers invaluable real-world experience accumulated over decades in the field,” said Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine. “And who better to provide vision for what’s needed than those who are working on the front lines of care?”

A Human Service Technology

Among the Netsmart solutions The Jewish Board will utilize is the myAvatar® CareRecord, an EHR created specifically for behavioral health. The myAvatar solution supports The Jewish Board’s core clinical and operational workflows and maximizes the efficiency of users with customized points of view for each key role in the organization.

“An acute care solution can’t address the specific workflows and unique clinical aspects of human service providers,” said Valentine. “This comprehensive, long-term partnership is the epitome of a win-win for both organizations.”

About The Jewish Board of Family and Child Services

For 140 years, The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services has been helping New Yorkers realize their potential and live as independently as possible. With hope and resilience guiding our work, we promote recovery by addressing all aspects of an individual’s life, including mental and physical health, family, housing, employment and education. Inspired by Jewish values, The Jewish Board brings the ideals of Jewish service to all New Yorkers. Visit us at

About Netsmart

Netsmart is committed to helping health and human services providers deliver effective, outcomes-based care to more than 25 million consumers. Netsmart serves more than 20,000 clients across all 50 states, resulting in approximately 450,000 users of its software and technology solutions. Netsmart clients include mental health and addiction services agencies, health homes, psychiatric hospitals, private and group mental health practices, public health departments, social services and child and family services agencies, managed care organizations, and vital records offices.

Netsmart’s CareFabric®, a framework of innovative clinical and business solutions and services, supports integrated, coordinated delivery of health services across the spectrum of care.

Netsmart’s HIT Value Model™, a vendor-agnostic planning and measurement system, provides a path for health and human services organizations to evaluate where on the healthcare IT spectrum they should focus their efforts, the value associated with that strategic decision and a comparison with peer organizations nationwide.

Netsmart is pleased to support the EveryDayMatters® Foundation, which was established for behavioral and public health organizations to learn from each other and share their causes and stories. For more information, visit

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