Supporting Children in Grief at Any Age

We hear a lot from parents, caregivers, teachers, therapists, and other members of the community that they don’t know what to say or do for kids and teens when someone has died. Many folks are also unsure if a child is grieving “right.”

Check out the links below for tips that can help you gain a better understanding of what grief looks like for kids at different ages and stages, what you can say to a child to help, and how a child’s grief looks different than an adult’s.

For Parents, Caregivers, and Community Members

For Clinicians

A Message from The Jewish Board

If you or someone you love lives in the New York metropolitan area and need help coping with grief and loss, we can help. Call us at 1.844.ONE.CALL to speak with an intake specialist. You can also contact our Loss and Bereavement Team by emailing, calling 212.632.4692, or filling out our referral form.