Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Residency Program

We are no longer accepting Fall 2023 Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (NPP) Residency Year applications. However, you can apply for our Spring 2024 residency year, which we will begin responding to in early 2024. Download the application here.

Spring 2024 NPP residents would start working around May 15, 2024. Please apply asap if you are interested. Please contact us and apply ASAP if you are interested so we can discuss next steps.

The Jewish Board’s Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (NPP) Residency Program is a unique and pioneering one-year program that provides a structured, nurturing training and learning environment for newly graduated NPP.

The year-long residency grooms NPPs to become clinical leaders at the agency and in the field of mental health. The NPP Residency includes:

  • Enhanced supervision, and support, the heart of our NPP Residency Program. Residents spend the brunt of their time in precepted clinical experiences, where they receive dedicated supervision from seasoned NPPs and psychiatrists who provide individualized supervision throughout the day including evenings. Residents also work in specialty rotations, where they gain experience providing care to a diversity of clients, with regular supervision and support
  • In all clinical experiences, residents gradually build their caseloads, in order to avoid the “sink or swim” situation that newly graduated NPPs typically encounter.
  • In all clinical experiences, residents gradually build their caseloads, in order to avoid the “sink or swim” situation that newly graduated NPPs typically encounter
  • Our NPP Residency Program encourages leadership and the ability to tackle larger issues related to mental health care. Residents take part in weekly didactic sessions to review and discuss stimulating readings, guidelines, case studies and other learning materials to supplement their clinical development as NPPs
  • Residents also take part in regular QI experiences, identifying and addressing larger trends impacting mental health care at the agency and beyond.
  • These weekly QI and didactics sessions also provide residents additional supervision and peer support, greatly decreasing the isolation and stress of being a new NPP.
  • In order to provide you with a diversity of clinical experiences, the residency will include different settings and populations. Residents must be willing and able to travel to different sites throughout our agency, typically 1 day a week on site. For example, residents may work at our programs in Riverdale, Bronx, and in Midwood, Brooklyn.
  • As part of their clinical and leadership development, we expect residents to embrace key roles in leading special projects, like providing therapy and/or meds-only treatment.

Upon completion of the year-long Residency, Residency Graduates continue to work at the agency for at least a year as a full time NPP, with salaries increasing accordingly. This way, Residency Graduates further develop the relationships formed during their Residency year with their clients, Residency Preceptors, therapists, and program directors. Residency Graduates continue to enjoy the rich collaborative culture of the Jewish Board.

Every 6 months, we celebrate the graduation of our Fall or Spring class of NPP Residents, too!

Residents are paid competitive salaries, with full benefits. Salaries are commensurate with the reduced caseload as part of the residency program.

Residency candidates are interviewed by our Residency Staff. We will contact you to schedule interviews.

For answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

To learn more about the program and apply, contact