Family Services

family services

Strong families build strong communities, but many families need help to stay intact. Without proper intervention, a traumatic family crisis can damage and destroy lives.

Through intervention, counseling, and treatment, we help strengthening families facing issues like divorce, repeated conflicts with children, family violence, or navigating the challenges of a family member’s death. Our family services programs work with families where they are, in order to prevent further fractures in the family structure. Our social workers and therapists can help your family address a broad spectrum of issues.

How The Jewish Board can help.

Through our services, we work with families in need to:

  • Improve communication
  • Strengthen parenting skills by learning to effectively discipline and set age appropriate limits
  • Deal with difficult adolescent behavior
  • Cope with the impact of loss experienced through death, divorce, incarceration, or immigration
  • Talk about alcohol or drug abuse
  • Handle marital difficulties
  • Face issues of family and community violence
  • Manage school and education issues
  • Navigate concrete services, including housing, public assistance, SSI, and early intervention, as well as linkage to community resources
  • Help youth who have aged out of New York City’s foster care system