Supportive Housing

supportive housing

We provide over 1,600 individuals who have mental health needs with supportive housing each night. Supportive housing units are permanent housing solutions for adults needing stability. Supportive housing is pivotal, as it combines affordable housing with the services needed for people to live independent and healthy lives.

If you feel that you or a loved one may be a candidate for supportive housing, your first step is to make sure that person is eligible. Eligibility requirements for supportive housing differ depending on where someone resides in New York. Most units are designated for to single adults who are homeless and need mental health support. Learn more about these requirements.

How The Jewish Board can help:

  • We provide both transitional and long-term options for individuals with mental health needs
  • We provide apartments directly in the community. These apartments, known as “scatter-site” apartments, enable individuals to live independently in the community while still accessing responsive, wraparound care coordination
  • Specialized populations, such as young adults and the formerly homeless, live in community residences, which are home-like sites that focus on reintegration into the community, psychiatric stability, wellness, and educational and vocational goals
  • Our staff work with individuals in their homes and communities to support goals, build skills for independence, link to neighborhood resources, and ensure a strong network of treatment and support