Looking for an opportunity to be a more active part of your community? Join us and lend your time, energy, and skills to help your fellow New Yorkers lead healthier, happier lives.

As a volunteer, you help strengthen your community and make a tremendous impact on the services we provide throughout all five boroughs. Volunteer opportunities include:
  • Helping youth in our programs with their homework.
  • Holding a resume workshop for adult preparing for their next job.
  • Making care packages and family food kits for families in our domestic violence shelters.
Whether you’re interested in a recurring opportunity or a one-time-only event, we have something that fits your schedule and interests.
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Lending a hand goes a long way.

With an increasing mental health crisis, homeless populations surging, and families in need of critical supports, New York City needs your help more than ever.

As a donor, your gift supports The Jewish Board in providing the highest level of innovative care and support for people in your community across our city.

Make a donation to support a cause you're passionate about, to celebrate a milestone, including weddings, bar or bat mitzvahs, and other wonderful occasions, or to honor a loved one's memory.
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Every donation to The Jewish Board helps
your fellow New Yorkers.

As a volunteer, donor, or community leader, you can join an array of events that The Jewish Board holds throughout the year. These events raise awareness and support for mental health and social services and how we're working to bring these critical tools to more New Yorkers.
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Attend in-person and virtual events.

Join us online or in-person to learn about our work, the impact you can make, and the world of mental health today.

Our Junior Board is part of a 150-year legacy of philanthropic community care, with many of our Trustees first beginning their relationship with philanthropy as members of our Junior Board. We are proud to foster the next generation of mental health philanthropic leaders by offering young professionals in their 20s and 30s opportunities to become stewards of one of New York City’s longest-standing and most esteemed charities.
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Become Part of the Next Generation of Philanthropy

You can become a steward of one of New York City’s longest-standing and most esteemed charities.

Your IMPACT in Action

From helping young Ukrainian refugees recover through our innovative Hibuki therapy program to launching our Social Work Residency Program to support the next generation of social workers, see how your gifts like yours helped change the lives of New Yorkers in 2023.

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