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Duryea Young Adult Program

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19 Duryea Place
Brooklyn, NY 11226

The Duryea Young Adult Program is a CR/SROs congregate care Level II facility, typically considered an “extended stay” type of housing. At Duryea Young Adult, residents typically stay between 2 to 5 years before they transition on to a more independent setting.

CR/SROs are similar to Supported SROs, but have more on-site social service staff. Exclusively for people with mental illness, CR/SROs are designed to serve residents with significant mental health needs. Residents are expected to have moderate activities of daily living (ADL) skills (some ADL training and assistance is provided). The rent is SSI Level II or PA Level II.

What is the Duryea Young Adult Program?

Supportive Housing In Action

If you feel that you or a loved one may be a candidate for supportive housing, your first step is to make sure they are eligible. Eligibility requirements for supportive housing differ depending on where someone resides in New York. Most units are designated for single adults who are homeless and need mental health support.

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Who is Eligible?

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