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Tanya Towers

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1-844-ONE-CALL (1-844-663-2255)

620 E. 13th Street
New York, NY 10009

Tanya Towers is a Supported Apartment Program (SAP) for Deaf and Deaf-Blind adults, age 18 and over, who have Axis I psychiatric diagnoses. Located in Manhattan at East Village, we provide access to other resources for Deaf persons in the New York Area and we are proud of our heritage as a provider of crucial services to our Deaf residents.

What is Tanya Towers?

Supportive Housing In Action

If you feel that you or a loved one may be a candidate for supportive housing, your first step is to make sure they are eligible. Eligibility requirements for supportive housing differ depending on where someone resides in New York. Most units are designated for single adults who are homeless and need mental health support.

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Who is Eligible?

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