Stories of Recovery

Sarah's Story

Supporting a young New Yorker in middle school

Our Prevention and Intervention Program (PIP) is a school-based mental health program that serves middle and high schools in Queens and Staten Island. PIP staff work within each school, integrating mental health services into the school community that are empathic, supportive, and tailored to the unique needs of young New Yorkers. Through PIP, middle school student Sarah was able to get back on track with her mental and social services needs, which also helped her succeed in school. This is her story.

Nurturing A Transformation

A newcomer to NYC from Ecuador, Sarah was struggling with school attendance, self-injury, and overall low mood. One of her teachers reached out to our PIP team, who quickly lept into action to think creatively about her care plan.

Recognizing the need for more intensive treatment, the PIP team, led by Sarah’s social worker, Jenna, collaborated with our newly launched Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) program in Queens. This service promotes positive interactions between family members to reduce negative family dynamics and create supporting and nurturing relationships and was a perfect fit to address Sarah’s needs.

Finding Family Success

Through our BSFT program, Sarah and her whole family were able to receive treatment together, leading to remarkable improvements in their communication, relationships, and Sarah’s overall well-being.

The Jewish Board’s cross-program collaboration was able to support Sarah by giving her access to services even outside of the classroom, and ensured that even when she left school, there were people there to support her and her family through solutions tailored to their needs.

Our Continued Support

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