Jewish Community Services

Jewish Community Services

Our Jewish Community Services programs integrate our mental and behavioral health services with spirituality, combining the richness of Jewish traditions with social work practices—such as spiritual and group counseling, workshops, consultation, training, and more.

Our Jewish Community Services offer individuals and families connections to the support of peers and community. And we work with Jewish organizations, such as synagogues, JCCs, Y’s, and schools, to enhance their services and programming.

Our Jewish clients are Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Chasidic and unaffiliated. We help these individuals and communities facing issues of:

  • Serious illness or injury
  • End-of-life care
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Making healthy life choices
  • Addiction recovery
  • and other community care and support concerns

Jewish Community Services for Individuals and Families

Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons & Significant Others (JACS)

JACS is the first and foremost mutual support network for Jews affected by alcohol and other drug abuse and addiction. JACS serves Jews in the metropolitan NY area, the US and around the world – Israel, South America, South Africa and Australia.

JACS encourages recovery in a nurturing Jewish environment, promoting knowledge and understanding of the disease of alcoholism and chemical dependency as it involves the Jewish community. We also act as a resource center and information clearinghouse on the effects of alcoholism and drug dependency on Jewish family life. For more information, contact us at 212.632.4600, or email us at JACS is honored to have a Warm Line operated by amazing volunteers, all of whom are Jewish 12-Steppers. If you need support outside of business hours, please contact us at 646.573.7420.

Services for Organizations

Lynn and Jules Kroll Jewish Community Services

Through programs with in partnership with synagogues, day schools, and Hillels, our Lynn and Jules Kroll Jewish Community Services respond to the needs of people with problems that go beyond the ordinary “bumps in the road.” We help individuals, families, groups handle exceptional problems such as unemployment, divorce, single parenting, suicide, and the threat of homelessness.