Services for Teens

teen, teens

Half of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14. And left untreated, mental health problems in youth are associated with suicide, homicide, incarceration, addictive disorders, risk-taking behaviors, and health problems.

For adolescents who have suffered significant trauma and feel they have no place to turn, we offer security and healing, in both residential and outpatient settings.

How The Jewish Board can help:

  • We address a broad spectrum of issues that affect teenagers, including truancy from school, depression, anxiety, trauma, behavioral problems, mental illness, substance abuse, family conflict and sexual exploitation.
  • We also deal with issues of housing, education, work and relationships, and assess co-occurring substance use and medical disorders.
  • Our services provide comprehensive assessment and treatments, with treatments delivered as individual, family, and group therapy, psychiatric services, and home visits.
  • Our treatment plans are designed by a team of clinical professionals and dedicated caregivers, and can include pharmacotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, special education and vocational training.
  • Our residential programs strongly encourage participation from both the family and the resident in developing and reviewing treatment plans
  • We employ the Sanctuary model of care, which is a “trauma-informed” and evidence-based method in which both our staff and clients are empowered as key decision-makers to build a community that is able to transform internal and external conflict, and that fosters growth and change.
  • In a crisis, we provide short-term, intensive crisis intervention to attempt to avoid hospitalization for children and adolescents, who are at imminent risk of psychiatric hospitalization.
  • We offer services to the LGBTQ community at all of our settings and via our specialized LGBTQ counseling unit.