JCS Recovery and JACS

JCS Recovery

Guided by Jewish faith-based values, JCS Recovery serves individuals and families seeking recovery from addiction in all five boroughs and the New York metropolitan area. We offer tailored recovery services to adults and families of all races, ethnicities, religions, gender expressions, and sexual orientations. We aim to provide our clients with the tools to put them on a path of health, well-being, recovery, and independence.

Our individual and family services feature:

  • Free or low-cost options, regardless of medical coverage
  • Connection to a healing community
  • Support for all addiction categories
  • Mindfulness and compassion-based services
  • Virtual and in-person options

Our care is collaborative, respectful, and responsive to each person’s unique set of hopes and needs. No one will be refused support based on ability to pay or documentation status. We are also equipped to offer community-focused educational programs if needed.

Contact us at jcsrecovery@jbfcs.org to learn more.


Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons and Significant Others (JACs) is a program of the Jewish Health, Healing and Recovery Network of the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services (The Jewish Board). JACS is a volunteer, mutual-help organization dedicated to:

  • Encouraging and assisting Jewish alcoholics, chemically dependent persons and their families, friends and associates to explore recovery in a nurturing Jewish environment.
  • Promoting knowledge and understanding of the disease of alcoholism and chemical dependency as it involves the Jewish community.
  • Acting as a resource center and information clearinghouse on the effects of alcoholism and drug dependency on Jewish family life.

JACS is honored to have a Warm Line operated by amazing volunteers, all of whom are Jewish 12-Steppers. If you need support outside of business hours, after 8PM or on weekends, please contact us at 646.573.7420.

For more information, please call the office phone at 212.632.4600 or email us at JCSRecovery@jbfcs.org.