Staten Island Family Services

At Staten Island Family Services, we work with families struggling with a variety of challenges, like separation, loss, mental health issues, substance abuse, domestic violence, and transitions. Many families have youth at risk of being removed from their homes and put in foster care, detention centers, and group homes. We work to help families stay together. We know families can change with the right support, resources, and tools.


For families seeking PINS diversion services because they have a youth involved in high-risk behavior. You must get a referral from FAP.

Family Treatment and Rehabilitation

For families struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse.

Multisystemic Therapy – Juvenile Justice Initiative (MST-JJI)

For families with teens involved in the juvenile justice system. You must get a referral from court.

Family Stabilization – Family Assessment Program (FS-FAP)

For families struggling with parent/child conflict. You must get a referral from FAP.

Trauma Systems Therapy

Trauma Systems Therapy (TST) (TST) is a program for traumatized children and teens (ages 12 to 17). It helps them meet their emotional needs in the context of their lives with family, school and community. TST helps children learn to gain control over their emotions and improve their relationships and behavior. Each family works with a TST team led by a specially trained therapist who can connect the family with needed services. The therapist provides services in the home, school, neighborhood, and community and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Multisystemic Therapy Substance Abuse

Provides families with children (ages 11 to 17) with serious behavioral problems and/or substance abuse. The Multisystemic Therapy Substance Abuse (MST-SA) program is a kind of therapy that helps prevent a youth’s behavior from getting to the point at which he or she needs to be removed from home. 


The MST-CAN program at Staten Island Family Services is for families that have been reported to the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) because of a claim of abuse or neglect. MST-CAN is a type of therapy that works to keep families together, make sure children are safe, prevent abuse and neglect, reduce mental health concerns for all family members, increase a family’s social supports. This kind of therapy was designed to work with youth ages 6 to 17 and their families. It gets good results. Youth in MST-CAN have fewer out-of-home placements, are better at expressing emotions, and have fewer behavioral problems. Parents in MST-CAN have less stress, fewer violent outbursts, fewer parenting problems, and more people they can turn to for help.

Brief Strategic Family Therapy

Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT), is for families with youth (ages 11 to 17) who are having serious problems with their behavior. BSFT is a kind of short-term therapy that helps prevent a youth’s behavior from getting to the point at which he or she needs to be removed from home. A specially trained therapist learns about the youth and his or her family members, school, and community and works to understand what’s causing problems. The therapist will then provide services in the family’s home or other locations in the community, usually in 12 to 16 sessions.