Stories of Recovery

Mark's Story

Helping a young New Yorker manage his feelings

Our Prevention and Intervention Program (PIP) is a school-based mental health program that serves middle and high schools in Queens and Staten Island. PIP staff work within each school, integrating mental health services into the school community that are empathic, supportive, and tailored to the unique needs of young New Yorkers. Through PIP, high school student Mark was able to get back on track with his mental and social service needs, which also helped him succeed in school. This is his story.

From Anger Management to Collaborative Care

Following a recent removal from his father’s custody, fifteen-year-old Mark expressed a strong desire not to return home. When he was placed in ACS’ care until a suitable home was found, our social worker Alaysia reached out to Mark when he returned to school. Through collaboration with the guidance counselor and ACS worker, Alaysia addressed his immediate needs and facilitated placement in a group home that could meet Mark’s longer-term needs.

Planning for the Future

Today, Mark is working with Alaysia in navigating the challenge of finding the right medicine management and mental health services outside of school. They are working together to plan his transition into a care coordination program within The Jewish Board network. With Alaysia’s support, Mark feels optimistic about his future.

Our Continued Support

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Children’s Mental Health

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