Caring for Your Spirit in a Time of Crisis

These resources were developed as part of our Community Connection Series to help the community in response to COVID-19.

Anxiety from crises takes a toll on one’s soul. Whatever stress one is feeling from within or is receiving from others combines into negative feelings that are hard to ignore. Many are now practicing self-quarantine, social distancing, and working from home. Many are also currently unemployed.

These current environments cause feelings of isolation and stagnancy, which lead to depression, fear, anger, guilt, and loneliness. This is prevalent throughout many communities during the COVID-19 crisis; self-isolating is a means of directly dealing with the pandemic to reduce its spread.

We can use tools from our spiritual worlds for our own self-care as we deal with times of uncertainty. Below are some tips for those practicing these forms of isolation or are experiencing negative emotions that are being heightened by the health crisis.


Connecting with Others at a Distance

  • Try to deepen connections with loved ones talking about shared memories. Deepen conversations in more fulfilling ways to combat the one-dimensional feeling of phone and video calls.
  • Talk to others on the phone rather than through video to allow the self-consciousness of being viewed to disappear and make way for deeper conversations.
  • If you can’t visit someone, send them memorabilia, photographs, poems— something to focus on other than the current situation. Handwritten letters especially can mean so much during this time.
  • Start an email chain with your apartment building or neighborhood to uplift and help one another. Many people are also facing the same issues and emotions; comfort each other by relating to one another.

Spiritual Work

  • Study a thought provoking short text together with a friend or family member. Talk to each other and share what texts you are reading.
  • Work on your spiritual biography and share it with family and community members.
  • Consider use of technology during Passover due to extenuating circumstances. Synagogues are having virtual Passovers, you can also connect with friends and family you can’t physically be with. You can also relate to the themes of the holiday through these times, talking about quarantine and living as a community.
  • Feel helpful: it is important to feel that you are contributing to the solution or the coping of more than yourself, develop things or join in things that could be helpful to others. Visit The Jewish Board’s COVID-19 Volunteer Page to see you how you can help, or reach out to other community resources to volunteer your time.

Self-Care and Distraction as Comfort

  • Find joyous distractions with things like movies, tasks that you’ve been putting off, communing with house plants and pets, taking warm baths, and doing things to relax and soothe the body.
  • Use online resources that are streaming free shows, courses, concerts, and information, some of which are listed below. Take up a new hobby or start to study subjects you’ve always been interested in that can add to your knowledge and skill base.
  • Combat stagnation and lack of structure through movement and meditation. Relating to yourself and your own body can be refreshing.
  • Find what works for you: consider everything that you enjoy and try it all to see what fits. This pandemic is exacerbating the issues and struggles we have had before, so make use of what has helped your mental health before and add it to your repertoire of self-care.


You can download these additional readings and teachings to reflect on resilience in the Jewish tradition:

Some additional sources of relaxation and support can be found in the following links:

A Message from The Jewish Board

If you live in the New York metropolitan area and need help coping with stress in times of crisis, we can help. Call us at 1.844.ONE.CALL to speak with an intake specialist.

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