A History of Caring

1934: Sidney Fishman

Jewish Social Services Association (JSSA)

The Jewish Board’s rich history is woven from countless lives. As we celebrate our 150th anniversary, we’re sharing stories of the people we might have served over the decades through our myriad predecessor organizations. We hope that glimpses of these imagined lives — which have been inspired by original historical research — will give you a vivid snapshot of what 150 years of caring for New Yorkers was like.

Housing Assistance 

At 21, Sidney Fishman lost his job and apartment in the South Bronx at the height of the Great Depression. His family was unable to help, but an uncle convinced him to go to JSSA’s Homeless Men’s Department, which was innovative in recognizing homelessness as a symptom that could be treated rather than a condition itself. With their support, Sidney eventually found work building housing with the WPA, allowing him to rent his own apartment once again.

Join us in looking back at those we served and meet more of the New Yorkers we supported in the last 150 years.

Celebrating 150 Years of Care

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