A History of Caring

1974: Keith Dixon

The Phoenix School

The Jewish Board’s rich history is woven from countless lives. As we celebrate our 150th anniversary, we’re sharing stories of the people we might have served over the decades through our myriad predecessor organizations. We hope that glimpses of these imagined lives — which have been inspired by original historical research — will give you a vivid snapshot of what 150 years of caring for New Yorkers was like.

Remedial Education

15-year-old Keith spent most of his time running the streets of Manhattan, delinquent from school and committing petty crimes. Reading at a second-grade level, Keith was defensive and even violent when confronted with traditional education. Transitioning to The Phoenix School on West 86th Street made all the difference. There, he received individual and group therapy which helped him understand and control his impulses, as well as judgment-free remedial education that got him on track to graduate high school and realize his full potential.

Join us in looking back at those we served and meet more of the New Yorkers we supported in the last 150 years.

Celebrating 150 Years of Care

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